The results have been astounding and we count MooMu Media as an integral part of our overall marketing strategy.”
Shaun Hughston, Director, Beat Medical

Our clients love working with us because we become a core part of their team – we treat their business as if it were our own, striving hard to make their online marketing campaigns as powerful as possible. (Email us to read more of our testimonials).

We share our knowledge with all our clients and their staff, being as open and transparent as possible to ensure you have all the knowledge you need.

Ethical with a Long Term View

While we don’t lock our clients in to long term contracts, we do view ourselves as their long term partners. For this reason we only undertake website changes which are based on factors beneficial to both your customers and search engines. We don’t risk your site losing traction in Google, or even worse, being banned. We take a long term view, so that no matter the changes Google makes, your site will retain value.


MooMu Media is internationally experienced. Our clients run websites in countries all around the world; Europe, Asia, South America, North America, South Africa and Australia. Many of these sites are multilingual, which is an area in which we have developed a unique strength.

Owner Operated

MooMu Media is owner-operated. You will have direct access to the most senior members of the agency, as well as having dedicated staff working on your account. Our size also means our agency is agile and flexible, avoiding the bureaucracy which can slow down the implementation of your campaigns.

 Google, Yahoo and Facebook

MooMu Media buys advertising on Google, Bing/Yahoo and Facebook, and we have account managers at each of these platforms to help ensure our clients have access to the latest advertising methods on offer.