If you want to understand your customers, to better target your products, services or sales messages to them, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips online.


Web Analytics

Web analytics involves analysing the behaviour of your customers on your website, to see how they arrive on your site, where they leave from, what pages they view and what information they download. It can also involve surveys and A/B testing so you can hear directly what users think of your website design, layout and usability.


All this information can be used to improve your site for users – increasing their satisfaction and your sales.

Social Media

Social Media is the place where you can hear directly from your consumers what they think about your products. We help you find out what they are saying about you and show you how to instigate useful ‘conversation’ with consumers. Information gleaned through social media can help increase your corporate knowledge, improve your goods and services, or address concerns that the public has about your business.