To optimise your website for search engines, we utilise our considerable experience, technical know-how and learnings from our ongoing research. We perform in a completely transparent manner which shows you exactly what we are doing and helps you integrate the SEO practices into your website strategy ongoing.


We make sure you understand the value of our service with regular reporting on rankings, site traffic and any other metrics which might be relevant to your business, for example, sales, quotes or sign-ups.


While we are constantly researching and testing to improve our SEO strategy, we do not use methods which risk getting our clients sites excluded or penalised by any search engine. We only use ethical SEO methods.


While SEO results can sometimes take time to achieve, we make sure you understand the realities of this from the start, help you plan for it through project timelines and provide you with integrated advice regarding your PPC strategy to help get your site the traffic it needs.


How Do We Do It?


MooMu performs Search Engine Optimisation through a strategy of in-depth research, onsite and offsite activities.


• First we perform an audit of your website to find out how you perform currently. This helps identify areas of good practice, areas of improvement, and lets us establish benchmarks by which all our future performance can be measured.


• We then do in depth research into your business – your products, services and even your competition. We use this information to establish what search terms you should be targetting, what kind of content is appropriate, which kind of sites you should be associated with, and what you need to do to stay ahead of your competition.


• We put together an onsite strategy outlining; immediate improvements to your website, a schedule of future improvements, establishment of an ongoing content improvement system and education for your web development team on how to make any future developments in an SEO friendly manner.


• We provide an offsite strategy to highlight the opportunities across the internet which you could use to not only raise the profile of your website and business, but also to help increase your website rankings. This might include relevant linking strategies, online PR and utilisation of Social Media sites.


• We provide reporting on our progress which includes both a summary of activity undertaken as well as results achieved. This will show you how your rankings are changing, how this is impacting your traffic and sales, and what activities were performed over the period.


For a no obligations consultation on how your website could be improved using SEO, please contact us.


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