The staff at MooMu Media has extensive experience in SEO for insurance companies, having optimised the sites of some of the biggest insurance providers in the world. As leaders of those SEO teams, we understand the importance of ethical SEO practices, which maintain the integrity of your brand, and abide by all regulatory requirements.


SEO for financial service websites can be highly competitive with thousands of websites aiming for page 1 ranking. You need a company that have experience in the financial industry’s’ strict regulatory and legal code, are ethical and have your long term ranking interest at heart.


SEO from MooMu Media is professional, ethical, and transparent. We tell you everything we are doing and why we are doing it. We train your staff to ensure the long term integration of your SEO strategy, giving you the best chance at high natural rankings in search engines


Our SEO services broadly include:


A thorough Technical Site Audit which covers all coding, recommending changes and improvements. We work with your website designers and content managers to implement changes and ensure your website is as SEO friendly as possible

Content Strategy – We advise you on how to improve your current content, how your content should be set out, written, and ideas to help you keep creating new and relevant content so that your site becomes one of the most relevant for your industry

Linking Strategy – MooMu Media helps you enhance the value of your current links, and comes up with creative ways of gaining new, relevant links which will help your search engine rankings. MooMu Media understands the importance of your brand, and recommends only ethical, professional link building which will never reflect badly on your business


Give Us a Call to find out more about what we can do for your business. Let us know your URL and we can give you our initial opinions and ideas over the phone today.