Recruitment is an extremely competitive marketplace, and candidates are increasingly conducting the majority of their job search online. MooMu Media has worked extensively with recruitment agencies to bring appropriate candidates to their websites.
MooMu Media can establish, manage or audit a Pay Per Click (PPC) account for you. PPC marketing means you can instantly reach out to customers, on whichever search terms you choose. MooMu Media will help you understand which search terms you should be targeting, what kind of ad copy you should display, where you should send your PPC visitors on your site, and how much you should be paying for each click


With more and more people turning to the internet to conduct their job search, it’s no wonder thousands of websites compete for the natural search rankings. While achieving high rankings should be part of any recruitment website’s long-term goal, Pay Per Click advertising is a fast and effective way to promote your vacant positions online.


Pay Per Click advertising is fast, flexible, targeted and allows you to:
> Set your price so that you stay within budget.
> Target specific keywords so that you reach the right customers.
> Only pay for adverts that are clicked on.
> Start and stop PPC campaigns whenever you need to.


MooMu Media is a Google Certified Adwords Partner, so you can rest assured that your pay per click account is getting qualified, professional management, from experienced practitioners.


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