we also have extensive experience optimising sites and running pay per click campaigns for companies targetting foreign languages.

MooMu Media are not only search engine marketing experts, we also have extensive experience optimising sites and running pay per click campaigns for companies targetting foreign languages. We use only native speakers to develop localised search campaigns – utilising a combination of both in house talent and our extensive network of translators.

When launching websites for foreign markets the creation of the site is only the first step. Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising and other online marketing activities should be undertaken ongoing to ensure you are reaching the full potential of that market.

Multilingual SEO

MooMu Media has years of website localisation expertise, having run SEO projects across Europe, Asia and South America, as well as here in Australia. No other agency is better placed to market your business to a global audience. Our staff specialise not only in Google, but also the sometimes more popular local search engines such as Baidu in China, Naver in Korea or Yandex in Russia.
MooMu Media can help to ensure that not only is your content professionally translated, but that it is customised to the local market, who might have different needs and usability requirements. Our experience means we are best placed to be able to identify these differences and overcome them to help your site maximise performance.
MooMu Media also has an extensive knowledge of the link building opportunities available in different countries and our linkbuilding is always undertaken by native speakers, ensuring you grow your links through the most relevant and high quality links. Like our English language campaigns, all link building is undertaken in an ethical and sustainable manner.


Multilingual PPC

Like normal PPC, multilingual PPC requires extensive keyword research and ongoing testing to ensure that you are targeting your ideal audience and not wasting your budget on low quality traffic. Our native speakers will not simply translate your English language keywords to create the new campaign – which can result in missing big opportunities. Our translators will instead undertake thorough keyword research in their language, ensuring that they completely understand the way customers in the new market search for and buy your products or services.

We can also help create landing pages and sales messages which will best appeal to the local market – which might be markedly different from your experience in your home market. Your landing page might need different functionality, imagery, information, colours or even font to improve conversion rates in foreign companies.
If you are considering translating your website, please contact us prior to beginning the process, and we can help ensure you pass on as much value to your new pages as possible.