Pay Per Click

Why PPC?

This chapter will summarize the most important aspects of the Pay Per Click Marketing

It helps you to buy qualified visits to your site (or Social Profile)
Attract qualified traffic to your site immediately – have your first visitors within minutes of switching on your PPC campaign, targeting customers anywhere in the world, using any language.
You can buy ads on search results in Google, Bing and other search engines,to target people looking for your products or services
You can show ads on YouTube, Facebook, newspapers and thousands of other sites across the web, to increase brand awareness

How to do it

If you don’t yet have a Google Adwords account, an agency like MooMu Media can help you establish your campaign and then either teach you how to run it,or manage it ongoing on your behalf. If you want to set up Google Adwords for yourself, please read our Adwords Money Saving Tips first
If you already have a pay per click account—undertake an audit to minimise wasted spend and maximise opportunity.Use our Adwords Checklist
Consider search engines other than Google. Bing allows you to easily import your Google Adwords campaigns. The network offers lower volumes, but usually at cheaper prices
Consider Facebook pay per click ads to grow site traffic or page likes. How to create Facebook ads.
Consider launching a remarketing campaign to retain more visitors.Remarketing shows ads across the web to people who have been to your site.
Trial a branding exercise on the Google content network and consider Google’sShopping Ads (online retailers only)

Tools That We Use