Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

If you don’t currently utilise your database of contacts for email marketing, consider whether you want to do it to build relationships with your contacts and/or keep them in the loop.
Did you know that you can now advertise to your email marketing list through Facebook?

How to Do It

If you already have a regular campaign, review its performance in 2013 to see if it is effectively helping your business.
Make sure your campaigns are being properly tracked so that you can see where all your traffic is going and what it is doing. If your system doesn’t have inbuilt link tracking, you can use ours Url builder.
Make your email marketing mobile friendly by offering plain text and HTML versions.
Grow your email marketing list through; requirement of email address to attend webinars; downloadable content; entering a competition; qualifying for a discount or even just use a big, visible form on your website asking people if they want to be kept up to date