The Digital Marketing Action Plan

Why An Action Plan?

Action plans are detailed proposals that are designed to help you achieve your goals. An action plan break down strategies into manageable and measurable small steps (actions).

Who is this Plan For?

This plan is for business owners, publishers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, or anyone who needs or want a framework that shows the essential tasks you need to compete online.

How to use the Online Marketing Action Plan?

This Action Plan is divided in chapters that way you can read the whole document or read just the specific aspects that you are interested in. In order to get the most of this action plan we recommend you to use each action based on your own business context.


Chapter 1: Business Environment:

The goal of this section is to understand the online environment for your business: Who your online customers are and where they hang out online, as well as who your online competitors are and how you stack up against them.

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Chapter 2: Setting Goals

This Chapter tries to help you determine your digital marketing goals first. “Know What You Want To Achieve Before You Start”.

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Chapter 3: Success Criteria

Make sure you know how you are going to prove the strategy’s success.

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Chapter 4: SEO

The goal of this section is to ensure that your site has the best chance of ranking highly in search engines for the keywords your customers use to search for your products or services.

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Chapter 5: PPC

If you don’t have pay per click marketing in place, consider it for 2014. Prices vary and results are immediate.

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Chapter 6: Social Media

Social media marketing is unique from many other marketing methods in that it enables engagement between you and your consumer. Not only can you share your message with the public, but even more importantly, you can listen to their opinion of you, and interact to try and influence it.

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Chapter 7: Mobile

Mobile Marketing helps you to market your products or services through mobile channels.

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Chapter 8: Local

Local online marketing refers to targeting those people who are searching for things in your area (i.e. they are physically in your area or their search query references your area).

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Chapter 9: Email Marketing

Email helps you to connect directly with consumers. It is a more personal channel that allows you to send offers and re-engage with customers.

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