What is the URL Builder?

The URL builder allows you to create a tagged URL to get information about clicks on specific links, and this information can be read in Google Analytics.

Why use the URL Builder?

The URL builder can give you important information about the links you are tracking.  For example, if you use links in your emails and want to know which specific email sent more or less traffic, the URL builder can help you do that.
How to use it?

All you need to do is fill in the first five columns of the spreadsheet with the required parameters, then in the last column the URL is generated and ready to use.

To help the user understand which parameter is required,  there is a description within the spreadsheet in the title of each column.

For more information you can check the Instructions tab of the spreadsheet.
What to do with the code when it has been generated?

After you generate the URL you can cut and paste it into anywhere where you want to use links to your site.

We also recommend using our spreadsheet to keep a record of every link you tag.