WordPress 3.3 Sonny Update Released

By December 13, 2011 Website Management No Comments

As smooth as the iconic Saxophonist after whom it was named, WordPress 3.3 Sonny recently swung into immediate publicly available download or update within the WordPress dashboard. Sonny invigorates the new user experience, supplies an on tune dashboard design and writes a score of navigation and content updates.

New users can expect the introduction of feature pointers which help navigate new features and iPad/tablet users are in for a treat with a responsive design and improved touch support.

Existing users will notice a new drag and drop media uploader, an integrated admin toolbar, hover menus in navigation, improved co-editing support and a Tumblr Importer.

Developers can explore the improved editor API and new screen API which assists in contributing to help screens and adaptation to screen contexts.

Relevant to all new major updates, there are always bugs and errors which need to be identified and ironed out when new features are introduced. Usually these are attended to within the first few days post release, if not within a few hours.

Though you may choose to wait for Sonny to fix his off notes, WordPress 3.3 is far from an out of practice musician.

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