What Small Business People Need to Know About Search Marketing

By September 22, 2011 Search Engine Marketing No Comments

Today I was looking for some blog posts I had written, to help someone out who wanted ‘beginners’ information for a friend with a small business. Re-reading through the posts reminded me how good they were (brag) so I thought I should put links to them all here, so that next time someone needs this kind of information, I can just give them this one link.

Firstly, my Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Secondly, my series on online marketing for beginners

  • Lesson 1: Your Digital Marketing Plan
  • Lesson 2: Making Your Website Worth Visiting
  • Lesson 3 – Onsite SEO
  • Lesson 4 – Offsite SEO
  • Lesson 5 – Pay Per Click
  • Then this post about why it is important for small businesses to be on Google Places – which might be slightly dated because Google Places changes a lot, but the principles are still the same, Importance of Being on Google Places

    Finally a couple of basic posts on



    Keyword research



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