Marketers: It’s Now Easier To Track Everything on Your Site

By October 14, 2013 Analytics No Comments

Google has just released ‘Event listener’ tags into it’s Google tag manager with the aim of simplifying event tracking. Originally, you would set up event tracking by putting extra javascript on your links, and then simply look to the results in Google Analytics. The next evolution was Google Tag Manager, which required you to a) add in Javascript to your site for each event PLUS b) set events up to be tracked in Google Analytics. This was onerous and time consuming, and discouraged many marketers from wanting to track events – Google Tag Manager isn’t the simplest thing to use, and you still had to talk to your tech team anyway!

Now Google has removed one of these steps, so you no longer have to liaise with your tech team (as long as you have Google Tag Manager in place). All you have to do to track a new event in Google Analytics is add a new tag in Google Tag Manager. The tags are called ‘event listener’ tags, and you have a choice of 4: Click Listener, Form Submit Listener, Link Clicke Listener and Timer Listener.

You can already find them in your Google Tag Manager, as seen here.Track Events More Easily With Event Listeners

For more details on how to use each of these tags, see the Google docs.

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