Search Engine Statistics – Who Is Searching?

Have we mentioned recently how important search is for any online business? Well, maybe you need some reminding about just how big a part of online behaviour search is. Did you know that on any given day, 59% of internet users are using search engines?


That is so, according to Pew Internet who released some very interesting research on this topic earlier this week, (unfortunately, just for the USA).  Nevertheless, here in Australia we probably have more in common with US searchers than some other countries, and it is especially relevant if your store or business services USA based customers.


Check out this graph – showing that search is most popular among, younger, highly educated, affluent users.

search engine statistics popularity


Another very interesting graph shows the rapidly increasing use of social media over the last few years, but that it is still being trumped by search. In turn, search is being just slightly trumped by email, but then much of email is work based, I would imagine.


Internet Usage 2012 Search vs Social media

Thanks to Pew Internet for all this interesting information. It’s good to have these reminders of how massively important search is!

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