3 Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook

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Remarketing through Facebook means showing ads on Facebook to people who have previously been on your site. It used to be that you had to use a third party company on the Facebook Exchange to buy those ad placements (for example, AdRoll was a big one), but now you can do it easily yourself!

3 Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook

1. Go to audiences and create a custom audience

Facebook Remarketing


2. This will give you a pixel, which you can put in the Head section of your site, or upload easily with Google Tag Manager.

Facebook Remarketing in Google Tag Manager
You can put that on every page, and then use the FB interface to narrow down the audience if you want to.

3. When you create a new ad, under the Audience section you will be able to pick custom audiences you previously made, or create a new custom audience.

Facebook Remarketing Custom Audiences


Facebook remarketing – now made easy!

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