Optimizing Your Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO

By February 12, 2013 Video tutorials No Comments

Optimizing the meta data on your website can make a huge difference to your performance in search engines.


Carefully created page titles and page descriptions can mean the difference between ranking well for key terms and not being found at all.


In this complete begginer’s guide to meta data we take a look from the ground up at how the meta data on your website relates to the Google search results and the specific considerations for each of the different meta tags.


In summary:

  • Title Tag – Used as the top line of your search result. Also a very strong ranking factor for Google.
  • Description Tag – Used as the description in search results. Not used as a ranking factor but very important for click-through rates.
  • Meta Keywords – No longer used by Google at all. Best to avoid using them or simply ignore them if you’ve created these in the past.

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