New (more positive) thoughts on Twitter

The other day, I finally (and accidentally) discovered how Twitter can be useful for me personally. It all started on a cold, blustery Tuesday….

I was anxious, because my new addiction, Master Chef, was clashing timetable-wise with my pre-paid tickets to the Lily Allen concert in Sydney. I wanted to get to Lily Allen fairly early, because with no assigned seats, I needed to ensure I could sit down and wouldn’t have to stand with the teeny boppers.
Problem was, it was celebrity chef night on Master Chef – I didn’t want to miss it! Would Lucas get through?
Sitting in my seats at the Hordern pavillion at 7:30 I was glad I got there early to bags seats with the other ‘adults’, but I was also dying to know who won Masterchef. A quick look on my friends iPhone solved all my worries, as people were tweeting just seconds after Lucas’s victory.
Admittedly I could have waited till it got onto the MasterChef website, which would not have taken much longer, but such is the ‘youth’ of today. We want it all, we want it now, and in two seconds it will be old news. In such an environment, ‘real-time’ search engines like Twitter might just have a place. Since I am the most impatient of all, I have found a happy use for Twitter.

Sure you can’t see the most up to date news unless you know what to search for, but you can see what the zeitgeist is, by looking at the twitter trends. Right now for example, 2 of the 3 most popular twitter threads include Iran (democracy debate), which is heartening, and shows that maybe Twitterers aren’t as shallow as the non-converts might think. This pride diminishes, when you see that the second most popular thread, and the eighth as well, are on ‘John and Kate’. If you aren’t familiar (and I only am because I just stayed with my friend in the US) this is a couple from the US show John and Kate Plus Eight, and they are apparently splitting up. The fact that this gets two spots in the top 10 might insinuate a very large proportion of US users.

Another positive thing about Twitter? I only just noticed the new ability to erase Tweets you have written…great addition for those impetuous people out there (like me…).

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