Google Tag Manager

What is it? How to get started? By Nicolas Vargas Google Tag Manager is a new tool (launched in October) which aims to help marketers with the digital marketing process, by making Google (and other) tags quick and easy to embed and update. Google Tag Manager Page ScreenShot With this new Tag manager you can easily add, update and test tags on your sites without the help of a web developer. This removes the long waiting times many marketers have to deal with, when waiting for websites code updates to get their tags updated. This will greatly improve productivity for online marketers who want to spend less time working on tag updates(Technical stuff). Special Features of Google Tag Manager

  • Tag Manager is Free
  • Google Tag manager offers an error checking option
  • Fast and easy way to upload tags.
  • It’s good for agencies, offering multi account options and user permissions
  • Custom tags are possible thanks to custom rules and macros, getting you the info you want
  • Supports both Google and non-Google Marketing tags

Getting started

    1) Create an Account: The account is the top level in Google Tag Manager, a good idea is to make one account per company

Create an Account Image of the Tag manager Process

    2) Create a Container: The container includes all the tags you want (Adwords, Analytics, etc). A good tip is to have one container per Website. You can add domains as an option

Create a Container

    3) Accept the Google Tag Manager Terms of Services

Google Tag Manager Terms Image

    4) Get the tag manager code: Paste the code onto every page before the body tag ()

Tag Manager Code Screenshot

    5) Fill the container up with tags. Now whenever you need to add new tags to the site – to track goals, remarketing or other campaigns – you don’t need to touch your website, you can just log in to Google Tag Manager and add them here.

Tag manager Tags Image I think it’s a pretty useful tool to help online marketers, especially the ones who usually have to rely on developers to help them with their marketing tags.

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