Google and Facebook Image Ads Cheat Sheet

Share the following list with your designers when you ask them to create your ads for Google or Facebook.

Rules for Creating Google Image Ads

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Google Adwords Tips

1.       Create ads in as many of the different sizes you can – not all sites offer all sizes, so use all the ad sizes to get as many impressions as possible.

2.     If you can’t afford to create ads in all those sizes, some of the most popular sizes are:

250×250, 200×200, 468×60, 728×90, 300×250

 Rules for Creating Facebook Images for Ads

Facebook offers less variety in image ads than Google, and so the rules and guidelines are significantly simpler (though difficult to find on their website).

–              Facebook ads don’t need to include text, as text and image are created separately

–              If you do want to include text in the image, it must be max 20% of the ad-space

–              Gifs are not allowed

–              Ideal size: 1200×627

–              Minimum size: 600×225

Did You Know?

You can use professional images from Shutterstock in your Facebook ads, for no extra cost?


Final Tips:

Test your images for click through rate, conversion rate and view through conversions. In Adwords, look at the relative CTR statistics. Don’t assume the first image you choose is the best. Refine and test like you would all other aspects of your campaigns.

For the latest updates on Google ads, check their specs


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