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If you have a brand new website, new pages in your website, or even a recently updated page, you can use Google Fetch to submit those pages to Google for faster indexing.
When you submit a URL this way, Googlebot will usually crawl that page within a day and, if it is found to be suitable, it will be added to Googles index.

Why Use Google Fetch

You might want to ask Google to index a page, rather than wait for Google to discover your pages naturally, if;

Your new content is time sensitive
If you are a lender who updates their rates quickly after the reserve bank does then you could use this tool to make sure that Google has indexed the right value – especially if you see the interest rate in your snippet

You want to promote new content/products/campaigns
If you are launching new products or campaigns you most likely want to get the word out there as soon as possible.
If you have removed incorrect information from your site

If your site has been hacked

This use is a bit different. If a hacker injects spammy code or content into your site, it might be difficult to detect just by viewing the page in a browser, or even by looking at the source code. By getting Google to fetch the content, you can see what Google sees, and identify any problems. You might be prompted to do this if you notice your site getting impressions for random, irrelevant terms, especially spammy ones like Viagra!

How to use Google Fetch
In Google Webmaster Tools, use the simple form on the ‘Fetch as Google’ page, as below.

Uses for Fetch as Google
You can either choose to index the one particular page (you can do this 500 times per month) or the ‘URL and all linked pages” (you can only do this 10 times per month).

Note that if you click on ‘success’ – you can see the html and first 100KB of text of the site.


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