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Facebook Ad Testing

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Written by Tracy Mu Sung
Testing Facebook Ads


Do you assume that because you know how to use Microsoft Ad Center, or Google Adwords, you will automatically be awesome at creating and running Facebook Ads? Well, unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that a lot of the assumed knowledge from other ad platforms, like Yahoo/MSN, Google Adwords and Bing, is not necessarily true for Facebook.
For example, did you know that when creating your Facebook ads for the first time, you should make multiple versions to test them? Of course, because that is what you do in normal ad testing! You create two ads which differ in only one respect, run them against each other, see which one does better, pause the low performer, then test another aspect of the ad. Repeat ad nauseum.
But with Facebook ads, it is slightly different. First of all, Facebook will not offer rotation settings for you – you need to accept Facebook’s default rotation setting, which is basically – Facebook quickly decides which of your ads is performing best and shows that one more often. Very quickly, your poorer performing ads will drop off.
For this reason you need to;
1. Put up 3 or 4 ads at once which differ in only one aspect. E.g. make the same ad with four different images or four different action words.
2. You need to make those ads go live as close together as possible. Don’t go have lunch after making 2 ads, and decide you’ll make the other 2 later. Facebook will have already decided on a winner, and then your 2 new ads won’t even get a look-in.
3. If at any point you want to test a new ad, you’re going to have to create a new campaign and recreate your existing ads in there. Otherwise, Facebook will never give your new ad a chance, because it is competing with the history of the other ads.
Bonus Tip: If you don’t test your Facebook ads (what?!), you do need to at least keep your eye on ‘Frequency’. This will tell you how many times the average user in your audience has seen your ad. When it gets up to 10 – time to refresh your ads!

Promote Your Facebook Status Update – $12

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With Facebooks IPO results less than stellar, you can imagine that inside the company there will be serious discussions on how to generate more revenue from Facebook.


I was reminded of this today, as I finally got access to the new ‘promote’ feature. This feature allows you to promote any of your status updates, and they say that such promoted posts are seen by twice as many people and have 40% more likes.

Facebook Promote Status Update


How much for this service? For me, $12AUD. When it was first talked about, Facebook mentioned prices of around $2USD per promote (note the USD is around par with AUD) – and then their stock price fell, and this is the result we get!

Cost of Facebook Promote Posts


But for Aidan Moore, free! As a testing feature, some people will pay and some people will have it for free. Even so, on Aidan’s you can see that his ‘starting’ price wasn’t even as high as mine.


Facebook Promote for Free


Why would I pay $12 for this feature? Well, maybe if I had something personal to sell, an event to promote, a charity I was collecting for… I certainly won’t be paying $12 to promote my latest status update about my skinny jeans though.


Perhaps I could even be sneaky and share something from my business pages and promote that?


Meanwhile, Aidan is scrambling to come up with something worthwhile to say which he could promote for free.

Facebooks new feature: “Highlight” posts as important

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Status updates are the heart of Facebook. Basically you could say that he who doesn’t post, doesn’t exist in the social network. But even assuming you’re a good networker, just 16 percent of your Facebook friends (on average) will see your status updates.


However, people who are worried that nobody is listening to them can calm down. A testing group in New Zealand are already using a new feature called “Highlight”, which has been designed for Facebooks end-users. If you’re a member of this group you can ensure more friends see your posts, photos, status updates and links. Depending on what version of the test you see you’ll either “highlight” for free or Facebook will charge you around two dollars payable with credit card or PayPal. Your posts aren’t formatted differently, they may just appear higher in the news feed of your friends, stay visible for a longer time and will be shown to more friends and subscribers.


This new feature has the potential to fundamentally change Facebook, as it influences their algorithm which determines what you can see on your wall.
Facebook gives you, on the one hand, the opportunity to point out posts you really want your friends to see, like “I’m renting out my apartment”, but on the other hand it opens the doors to market yourself by using money, instead of authentically engaging.


This new feature may help to repair Facebook’s image as a sound investment considering their previous uncertainty with regards to future advertising revenue streams.


What perfect timing, just before their flotation!

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

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Adage has today reported that Facebook will begin the roll out of its new timeline page design for businesses at the first Facebook Marketing Conference on the 29th of February. Similar to the brand pages that we have recently seen appear on Twitter and Google plus this new design will provide page owners a much larger range of options in the customisation of their page.


The new prominence of photos is the major addition that timeline will bring. Currently when you look at a Facebook brand page, after the first few posts on a wall it starts to become a confusing mess of updates and audience interaction. This results in content or important updates potentially being missed by a brands intended audience.


Image Source: www.mashable.com


The new timeline design not only displays photos and thumbnails in a much more attractive manner, but also includes the addition of a cover photo seen as a header to the page. This new space will provide page owners even more options in regard to the messages that they wish to send to their audience and add to the branding of their page. No doubt many new features will continue to be announced for all the major social media platforms as we move through the year. These will add to the already potent potential for customer and audience interaction that we see today.


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