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Get Your Newest Content in Google Faster

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If you have a brand new website, new pages in your website, or even a recently updated page, you can use Google Fetch to submit those pages to Google for faster indexing.
When you submit a URL this way, Googlebot will usually crawl that page within a day and, if it is found to be suitable, it will be added to Googles index. Read More

Essential SEO For Local Businesses

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If you’re a business with bricks and mortar stores, or one which only serves certain locations, then optimising your website for local search is important. For many Google searches with local intent, the “top 10” search results are pushed down the page, often below the fold like this.

Local SEO Read More

New Google Algorithm – Hummingbird

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Google Hummingbird

Gorgeous photo from the AnimalKind blog

Without a lot of fanfare, Google has gone ahead and released a new algorithm. Not just an update, but a whole new algorithm (though to be fair, it uses a lot of the same signals as the old one.)   During their 15th birthday celebrations, Google announced the new algorithm from the Menlo Park garage where the whole Google empire first started. Was the garage used as the location to signal how big and significant this change would be – a new beginning? – or was it just done that way because it was their birthday?   Google first started using Hummingbird a month ago, but only announced the change on 26th September.

Despite being in place for over a month now, most sites haven’t experienced a big fluctuation in rankings during its rollout. How could the change be seamless if it’s a whole new algorithm? Probably because the new algorithm is focussing on identifying intent of peoples searches rather than changing the ways it evaluates websites (like Panda and Penguin). Read More

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