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New Things To Play With in Google Products

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For online marketers, the neverending tweaking of Google products by Google, can often mean it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest features and small changes. This is a shame, because often the things they are adding are things to make your job easier! To make sure you’re not missing out, here are a few little updates to Google products you might have missed lately. Read More

New Google Algorithm – Hummingbird

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Google Hummingbird

Gorgeous photo from the AnimalKind blog

Without a lot of fanfare, Google has gone ahead and released a new algorithm. Not just an update, but a whole new algorithm (though to be fair, it uses a lot of the same signals as the old one.)   During their 15th birthday celebrations, Google announced the new algorithm from the Menlo Park garage where the whole Google empire first started. Was the garage used as the location to signal how big and significant this change would be – a new beginning? – or was it just done that way because it was their birthday?   Google first started using Hummingbird a month ago, but only announced the change on 26th September.

Despite being in place for over a month now, most sites haven’t experienced a big fluctuation in rankings during its rollout. How could the change be seamless if it’s a whole new algorithm? Probably because the new algorithm is focussing on identifying intent of peoples searches rather than changing the ways it evaluates websites (like Panda and Penguin). Read More

Penguin 2.0 – What Was Penguin 1.0 Again?

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Penguin 2.0Today Google launched Penguin 2.0 – not just an update of Penguin but a whole new version. Matt Cutts says it goes deeper than Penguin 1.0 and will impact more webmasters. Rand Fishkin (on very early thoughts) says he thinks it is a lighter impact than Penguin 1.0.


Since the update is less than 24 hours old, it is kind of hard to tell what the impact has been over a broad number of sites, but site owners will definitely be able to see if it has impacted their own site or not.


What we know for certain is that it aims, like Penguin 1.0, to fight web spam, with a focus on websites with dodgy backlink profiles. (Whereas Panda was about fighting crappy content).


If it was like Penguin 1.0, then there will probably be two main prongs of attack (of which the outcomes look very similar):

1. A Devaluation of crappy links which will result in a drop in your rankings

2. A penalisation from crappy links which will result in a drop in your rankings.


The other way that Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 might be related is that perhaps the dodgy links that SEOs fed to Google after Penguin 1.0, through the Disavow Tool, might now be the fuel for Penguin 2.0.


Without seeing the impacts of 2.0 yet, you can guess what the Penguin 2.0 advice is going to look like:

  • Link diversification – diversified in relation to linking domains, link types and link anchor text.
  • Avoiding anything promising VOLUMES of links, like link networks, blog comment spam, or article spinning .  This kind of volume would be easily detected by Penguin Robot – I mean look at him, he will hunt those things down like a sea lion on his non-robot brother!
  • Speed of links – Google have likely become expert at spotting spikes in linking efforts, which look unnatural, and may indicate spam.
  • Authority – there has been a bit of talk about promoting authority sites, which is kind of related to Panda, and that old cliche “Content is King”. Authority is about quality, but it could also be about…
  • …Social. There’s not a lot of evidence here, but social signals are another good way of indicating authority, and that’s why more and more SEO’s are getting involved on the social side of things.

Of course, there is no hard out evidence for a lot of this, but we’re pretty sure that these tips will “First do no harm”,…and then help keep you out of the way of that crazed Robot Penguin.


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