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3 Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook

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Remarketing through Facebook means showing ads on Facebook to people who have previously been on your site. It used to be that you had to use a third party company on the Facebook Exchange to buy those ad placements (for example, AdRoll was a big one), but now you can do it easily yourself!

3 Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook

1. Go to audiences and create a custom audience Read More


Stop Wasting Money on Google Shopping Ads

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If you write like this, this blogpost is for you

As an agency, we have found that Google Product Listing Ads, now Google Shopping, are one of the fastest growing, and best performing advertising areas for our e-commerce clients. We recommend them to anyone with an e-commerce store.

Having said that, like other aspects of Google Adwords, it’s easy to waste money on Google Shopping if you don’t take the right precautions. The ‘set and forget’ mentality is an easy way to waste money on normal Adwords, and we’ve discovered another one: simply ticking a ‘Google shopping feed’ option in your e-commerce platform.  Read More

How To Start Advertising on Bing in Australia

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In 2013 Bing fully launched it’s ad platform in Australia, allowing Australians a new updated ad interface, and the ability to target their ads within Australia. This also meant the end of the Yahoo and Bing alliance, with Yahoo search inventory now being able to be purchased through Google (if you include search partners).

Advertisers used to be able to buy Bing Ads through the Microsoft Network from overseas or the Yahoo Australia search platform, and if you used either of those platforms, you would know how sub-optimal they were. Don’t worry, the new Bing Ads interface is a huge improvement, and completely easy to use. Read More

New Things To Play With in Google Products

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For online marketers, the neverending tweaking of Google products by Google, can often mean it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest features and small changes. This is a shame, because often the things they are adding are things to make your job easier! To make sure you’re not missing out, here are a few little updates to Google products you might have missed lately. Read More

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