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Don’t Pay $76 Per Click – 10 Ways to Lower Your Cost Per Click  

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According to the Google keyword tool, the suggested bid for the term ‘life insurance’ is over $76. For one click. That’s a lot of money for a single visitor. The cost is so high because it’s an auction system and this high price demonstrates the demand for the term.

Of course, if you have ever used the keyword tool for your own keywords you will probably notice that the suggested bid can be significantly different from what you actually pay. This is because everyone’s CPC is unique depending not only on what they bid, but also their Quality Score. Quality Score is the amorphous mystery which holds us to account for the words we bid on. Google wants their ads to be relevant – so if your ads aren’t relevant for a particular search, you will have to pay a premium to be shown.

The flip side of this is that you can get your CPCs lower by being more relevant. The following are some techniques we have used to improve the relevance and quality of our Adwords accounts and in turn decrease costs.
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Managing Adwords Account

Management Schedule For Adwords

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Too many Adwords accounts lay inactive for weeks on end, even though we all know the best ROI comes from campaigns which have regular improvements and check-ups. What you really need is a schedule which makes sure you cover all the important Adwords tasks on a regular basis, ensuring no aspect of the account is left un-optimised.

What a coincidence, we’ve just finished creating such a list, PLUS a downloadable Adwords management calendar, (download it now.)schedule

There are so many things to keep your eye on in your Adwords account that we’ve put together this management schedule so you can keep your eye on things daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Note that this schedule is targeted at managing mid to large sized, established Adwords accounts.
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google analytics marketing personas

How To Track Marketing Personas in Google Analytics

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These instructions are for sites that have upgraded to Universal Analytics (which you should do anyway to get access to new features sooner). Find out how to upgrade to Google Analytics or ask us to do it for you

Every business has (or should have) marketing personas for their users/customers. Whether it’s corporate customers vs small business, baby boomers vs newly weds, subscribers vs one-offs, we divide our audience into personas in order to market to them more effectively. We target our messages, hone our products and design our landing pages to suit the different audiences we cater to. Seeing how those different audiences behave on our site and react to our offers and information, can be invaluable marketing information. Google has previously allowed you to track lots of different customer personas in Google Analytics using Custom Segments, but now with Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager it is easier than ever to set up.

Custom Segments are now divided into Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics. Since we’re looking at persona’s, we will be working with custom dimensions. By creating a custom dimension for your personas, you will be able to drill down into any analytics report that allows second dimensions to see behaviour by your personas. For example, if you look at the mobile usage report, and then choose a custom dimension for b2b customers vs b2c customers, you can see which personas use which devices more often.

Custom Dimensions

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Spy on Your Competitors in Adwords

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Our clients are often surprised and excited to hear us tell them they can see some information about their competitors within the Adwords interface.

To see who is bidding on the same keywords as you, you need to use the Auction report, and you can access it from any search campaign, adgroup or keyword report.

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