The good news for the legal services industry is that, currently, websites are seen as a low priority channel for law firms to attract potential clients. Don’t follow the crowd. This lack of priority provides the opportunity for MooMu Media to give your law firm the competitive advantage over your peers in the legal services industry. Digital Marketing enables law firms to find an untapped client resource, drive brand awareness and present your law firm as an authority in your legal service speciality.


Legal services is an extremely competitive marketplace, and increasingly, people are conducting the majority of their research for key legal services, for example, property, commercial and criminal law firms, online.


MooMu Media helps your firm be there when a new prospect is researching legal services.

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How We Close The Gap Between You And Your Potential Clients

A key element in digital marketing for law firms is that a firm’s website content needs to demonstrate relevance to what search traffic is looking for. In the legal services industry, how you describe your services is often vastly different to how your potential clients might describe them. When potential clients are searching the web, they are using their own language and knowledge of your industry – we help close the gap between you and them by ensuring your site is ranking high for the terms they are actually searching.


MooMu Media is experienced in generating this traffic and exposure for a variety of clients in many service industries, creating effective search engine marketing plans and utilising both Search Engine Optimisation and pay per click marketing.  Allow us to capitalise on the inertia of online competition within the legal service industry to your firm’s advantage.



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Gain Immediate Exposure & Signal that You’re The Leader In Your Field

Some law firms prefer to be seen as ‘authorities’ in their industry and might choose not to use overt advertising. This is where Search Engine Optimisation can help. SEO helps your site show up at the top of the natural search results, signalling to clients that you are experts and authoritative in your field.


If you are interested in paid advertising, MooMu Media can create and manage pay per click campaigns (PPC) to give your website immediate exposure for a huge range of relevant search terms. These campaigns will be designed specifically to suit your specialty and firm, allowing you to instantly reach out to those people searching for your products or services.


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We Get Results

The staff at MooMu Media have extensive experience in optimising the sites of a range of service providers, having worked as search marketing consultants for some of the world’s biggest professional services companies. To find out about our successes, contact us for our references, or view our case studies.


If you want to increase the number of leads coming to your site from online searches, Contact MooMu Media today. Let us know your URL and we can give you our initial opinions and ideas over the phone today.