MooMu Media specialises in Digital Marketing, which encompasses a range of disciplines to help businesses promote their products, brand or websites online.


Here at MooMu Media we aim to be our clients ‘Digital Marketing Partner’, meaning we want to help you manage and execute an online strategy whereby all the pieces of the puzzle work together.


We can create, plan, and execute marketing strategies using;
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – increasing your ranks in the search engines natural results


Pay Per Click Marketing – paying for placements of your ads on search engines and other partner sites


Web Analytics – monitoring how people interact with your site and advising action from that knowledge


Social media – monitoring and engaging with social media to ensure your brand is on the front foot in this new sphere of communication


Conversion and Usability – Ensuring all our hard work at getting people to your site ends positively, with people doing what you want them to do, and not leaving