PPC: Pay Per Click

Attract qualified traffic to your site immediately - have your first visitors within minutes of switching on your PPC campaign, targeting customers anywhere in the world, using any language.


  • Help choose which advertising methods are right for them
  • Keep them competitive by using the latest techniques
  • Minimise wasted spend and maximise ROI
  • Campaign setup, ongoing management or audit

From local businesses, to professional services firms, to stores selling internationally, we help businesses grow through pay per click advertising. 

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Our PPC experts can help your business with training, answering ad-hoc questions or managing your campaign completely. Managing numerous and varied accounts, and maintaining strong relationships with account managers at advertising platforms like Google and Facebook, ensures MooMu Media uses the latest techniques to help clients stay on top of the competition.


If you use SEO, pay per click, banner, email marketing, offline promotion or even a blog to bring traffic to your site, you can increase their value using remarketing. Remarketing lets you reach people who have previously visited your site and show them relevant ads as they browse across the web.


Reach your customers as they browse online – whether they’re looking at news, YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, games or shopping. Content networks allow you to show ads on a huge number of sites, paying by either impression or click.