Digital Marketing Services

MooMu Media provides digital marketing strategies and advice to help grow your business online. Outsource to us or ask us to advise your in-house team.


Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, involves making changes to your site, and marketing your site across the web, to increase your exposure in the ‘natural’ search results. These used to be known as the ‘top ten’ results visible on Page 1 of Google, but it now encompasses a variety of results .


Pay Per Click Marketing, otherwise known as PPC, involves buying ad space on search results pages or other web pages, using a bidding system which can target hundreds or thousands of keywords.


Inbound marketing is the next evolution in a world where audiences are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. It aims to humanise marketing, by moving from a disrupt model, to an attract one, by creating valuable and enjoyable experiences for users



Maintain a comprehensive digital strategy that keeps all your online channels in mind and on message. As experts in paid and organic search, we know what your customers are looking for, and use this to clarify objectives across all online channels.


Social media marketing primarily involves the creation of profiles on various online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. With these platforms you are then able to directly communicate with your customers and fine tune your offering to meet their needs.


Web analytics involves analysing the behaviour of your customers on your website, including; how they arrived on your site, what pages they viewed, what information they downloaded, and more.



MooMu Media are not only search engine marketing experts, we also have extensive experience optimising sites and running pay per click campaigns for companies targeting foreign languages



MooMu Media offers tailored search engine marketing training aimed at providing you and your team with all the expertise you need to maximise the performance of your website in search engines