Yahoo Ahead on Search Display

By March 27, 2009 Search News No Comments

While people discuss the Google changes this week which show suggestions for similar searches (which didn’t seem too new for me), and longer snippets (not news worthy), I really think that in this case Google is a step behind Yahoo.

Yahoo also now has suggestions coming in their search results


They have also taken their search predictor out of Beta and it is already in use on their general page


As you can see below, their Search Predictor also predicts searches where the term you are typing isn’t necessarily at the beginning of the sentence. They have even gone one step further, with their ‘explore concepts’ column:


If you click on one of the ‘explore concepts’, it will give you a list of those related only to that one suggestion.


Although, I am not sure yet what prompts the visibility of this explore concepts list, because it isn’t always there.

And finally, they also have a beta version of a virus warning system, similar to the infamous trial by Google, where it accidentally said that every site was dangerous.


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