Worldwide Internet Penetration

By May 26, 2010 Internet News No Comments

I stumbled across this fun page on Google today – World Bank statistics on Internet usage around the world. It lets you compare any number of countries, or the whole world. I discovered that 70% of Australians have internet usage, but only 24% of the worldwide population.

They put China at 22%, but I know that has increased rapidly in the last year or two, and last time I checked they had more internet users (absolute number, not percentage) than America (76%).

This is a great example of Google answering my needs – I typed in ‘World internet usage statistics’, and the number one result was an image of this graph, and even better, the graph comes with a nifty link to help me embed it easily into this blog post.

Yes, it is 2 years out of date, but I feel like we could easily imagine the extrapolation of these graphs.

You can go to the site yourself and click whatever countries you want to compare. Note that it is internet users as a PERCENTAGE of population, not an absolute number. Which is why the line for China is so much lower than the one for Australia.

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