Why Search Marketing?

I have a Google Reader account, which I depend on to keep me updated on all my favourite work related blogs, and yesterday it brought me a true gem, which reinvigorated my love for search marketing.

This SEOMoz post was actually about comparing social media marketing to search marketing, but there were two standout aspects of it that I just had to reprint here…and they are very effective answers, I believe, to anyone in the future asking you “Why Search Marketing?”

1. This graph, which shows the increase in searches over time (in the USA), reinforcing with us in the Search industry that reaching out to searchers is still (and increasingly) big business. Apart from the fantastic results, I also love the bright colours and easy to read presentation – very appealing.

Search Growth in USA  (from SEO Moz)

Growth in Search (source:SeoMoz)

2. This quote, which so eloquently describes what I am always trying to say…

The power of search marketing – whether paid or organic – is simple: Be in front of the consumer at the time of consumption. There’s no more effective time to be present and no more effective way of knowing what is desired.

Thank You SEOMoz (and in particular, the author, Rand Fishkin), this was your best post yet.

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