Why Content Is King

If you work in online marketing, you will have heard it said a million times before – Content is King.

This is one of the most basic rules of SEO, but one that cannot be emphasised enough. The benefits of creating and growing quality content on your site are numerous. Below I list them, just so if you, your boss, your team, or anyone else needs reasons for "Why do we need MORE content?"…

  1. It grows the size of your site, improving your reputation and trust with Google
  2. Good content creates incentives for people to visit your site, increasing traffic.
  3. High quality can mean natural growth in links, as people discover and link to your valuable content or tools.
  4. An ongoing content strategy means new and/or changing content on your site, which means your site remains fresh, which is beneficial for Google.
  5. Lots of content on a subject helps your company to appear as ‘expert’ and trustworthy.
  6. More content, means more opportunity for embedded keywords, which  are used in SEO

So, for the sake of your brand, rankings and customer experience, make sure you stick to an ongoing content creation schedule – one of the best ways to keep your website healthy.

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