What I Do and Don't Like About Google's New Interface

By May 7, 2010 Google News No Comments

Google has updated their interface here in Australia, and at first I was confused and thought I was locked into some kind of ‘Advanced Search’ section.

I don’t love the new layout, mainly because Google keeps moving further and further away from their traditional, simplistic layout.

Things I dislike

1. They have removed the Pages from Australia radio button on the main

2. They still have the ‘Feeling Lucky’ button

3. The results page has a new menu on the left hand side – with ads up the top and on the right, this is just getting too busy

Things I like

Here it is with the expanded features in the left hand nav, and on ‘pages with preview’ mode;

1. I thought the ‘pages with images’ idea was interesting, but I can’t yet think how this will be useful

2. The ‘more shopping sites’ and ‘less shopping sites’ button. while it is hidden way down the page, so maybe not many people will be clicking on it yet, it could become a big part of search in the future, and is somethign to watch out for.  I think the button should be more prominent.

3. The search within results option right down the bottom.

4. I really like the page preview feature as shown above. If people started using it more, it would give a whole new push to web design, and the need for enticing, attractive landing pages. I noticed, though, that at the moment this isn’t working well for sites with flash landing pages, and even for normal HTML sites sometimes it is showing only one image from the home page.

So, while I do miss the old days of the simple Google results, I do appreciate the new preview page idea, which I feel like I will be using a lot going forward.

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