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by Tracy Mu Sung

Online marketing blogs

We’ve seen Nicolas’s favourite sites to follow, and now it’s my turn. To be honest, there is a bit of crossover. I love Smashing Magazine,  I used to read Business Insider when it was Alley Insider, and I am on Econsultancy’s email listing.
But those aren’t my favourites or must-see’s. Here is my personal list:

I think it is an absolute must for online marketers to subscribe to all the Google blogs relevant to them – and there are a lot! Here you can keep up to date about the latest in new features in Google. The Inside Adwords and Google Analytics blogs are particularly good, because there are so often changes to these products.
Google Enterprise

Inside Google Adwords

Inside Search

Webmasters Central

Google Australia (or your local, of course)

Official Google blog

Google Analytics
(Is it bad that I recommend all these but I don’t subscribe to the blogs of any other search engines?)
One PPC blog I do trust, and have for a long time, is This was one of the first PPC blogs I found which was consistently updated with high quality content. They also have an SEO blog, but I don’t rate it as high, although it is still quite good.PPC blogs
For SEO advice, I have to say of course. There is almost a paranoia about not reading SEOmoz, you’re wondering what you are missing out on. To be honest, I do stick to the main SEOmoz blog, and don’t really delve into the YouMoz blog that often.
An SEOmoz offshoot, I love to read the blog from Their articles are filled with creative, strategic link building and content creation ideas. I find it very inspirational. No lists of directories or ‘tricks’ here.
For analytics there are two super experts I like to follow – Avinash Kaushik and Justin Cutroni.  However, let it be known that these blogs are not for ‘quick updates’. These guys specialise in highly educational, in-depth posts, which you really need to set time apart to digest. Don’t skim through them.
If you work with sites on WordPress – or even if you don’t – Yoast is a must read resource. He specialises in the niche of WordPress optimisation, and is the creator of many popular SEO-friendly plugins for the CMS.
Ok, this is getting a bit long for a list of  ‘favourites’, so I’m going to end it here with one non-online-marketing site. I read for general business inspiration. If you work in business or marketing, reading articles on here is like a caffeine hit – it really gets me motivated about my own business and my clients businesses!

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