Using Google Adwords Labels

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Google Adwords has been making a lot of changes recently – from allowing misspellings and plurals in phrase and exact match, to providing more information about Quality Score.


They also have a new feature called ‘labels’, which you can see in a number of places:


1. On each of the campaign/adgroups/keywords/ads tab, it is a dropdown above the statics table

New Labels in Google Adwords Statistics table




2. On the Dimensions tab it is a new view option.

New Dimension - Google Adwords Labels



These labels can be used at the campaign, adgroup, keywords or ads level, to allow you to compare segments within your account.


How could you use this? We’ll give you an example at each of these levels;



Campaign Level Labels

Say you had a number of campaigns in your account for two countries (which often happens here in Australia). So, for example, we might have the following campaigns;

  • New Zealand Search
  • Australian Search
  • New Zealand Remarketing
  • Australian Remarketing
  • Australian Content network
  • Australian demographic
  • Australian Dynamic Search Ads

If I added a label to each of these campaigns – either NZ or Aus – then I could go into the dimensions tab and quickly and easily compare the performance of the two countries as a whole. Note that it will also show a line “Everything else” in case you have campaigns which don’t fit either of those labels.

Using Google Adwords Labels


Adgroup Level Labels

Lets say you have campaigns for Australia, New Zealand and China, and each of these campaigns has adgroups for hats/shoes/scarves.


By labeling the adgroups as either hats/shoes/scarves, I can easily compare the performance of these products as a whole across all campaigns, on the dimensions tab.


Ad labels in Adwords


You can also compare them by country by showing the ‘campaigns’ column on the dimensions tab – so that you can see, for example, how hats sell in NZ vs Australia.


Labels for Adgroups in Google Adwords


Keyword Level Labels

Lets say, you want to compare the conversion rates of your keywords which have action words in them like ‘buy’ vs those without. Or those with ‘buy’ vs those with ‘review’. You can label all those keywords appropriately, and then compare them in the dimensions tab.



Ad Level Labels

You can use ad level labels to test the various versions of your ads. For example, you might want to compare the performance of ads with certain display URLs, or those using Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Seeing the overall performance of your ads by different aspects could help you to build better ads in the future.



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