Useful Tools for making Infographics.

These days, infographics are a popular weapon websites use to attract more traffic, taking advantage of the fact that users prefer to read summarised information laid out in a creative way instead of hundreds of lines of plain text.  You may want to take part in this phenomenon, so here we give you some useful tools  you can use to build infographics for yourself, even if you are a beginner and want to start from scratch.

For those who have never heard about infographics, infographics are Information graphics (graphic representations of data) and the most important aspects of a good infographic are:

  • Accurate or Trustable Information: Data is what supports your design work.
  • Creativity: Build Unique Infographics
  • Simplicity: The aim of an infographic is to explain something in a simple way.
  • Consistency : Between your data and your graphs

In order to ensure these important aspects are in your infographics, you could consider using the following tools.

Data Tools

Google Public Data :

Free. Using this Tool you can find Data from important resources (Eurostat or The World Resources Institute), filter and Paste the graph as a link or embed it in your website.


Google Insights :

Free. This tool gives you information about what people are searching for or which term they are using in Google. It provides you with useful information like Regional Interest and search terms. Finally you can download the data as a CSV file


Google Trends :

Free. Google Trends provides you data about “What’s Hot on Google” Google trends give location (countries and cities) and languages. You can download as a CSV file.


Australian Bureau of Statistics :

This Website gives you Australian National Statistics. You can download as Excel file or Zip.


Census :

Free. American National Statistics you can get the data as a PDF or Excel File.

Template Tools


Visually :

Free with an Account. This is an Infographic Community you can create and share your infographics with. Using you can create infographics in an easy way, but with an annoying requirement to connect your Facebook or Twitter account with, otherwise you can’t create your own infographic.


Piktochart :

Free but you need an Account. With piktochart you can choose free or paid templates and edit it with the data that you prefer, you can import data and add graphs. This is a useful tool for beginners.


Infogram :

Free but you need an Account. With this tool you can create infographics and graphs using free templates, and it allows you to add images, text and charts.  It is pretty useful for beginners but if you use there is always a message in the bottom of your infographic saying “made by”


Icon Tools


Inconarchive :

Free. Here you can find and download icons for your infographics


Findicons :

Free. Using findicons you can find and download icons for your infographics


Vector Graphics

If you have more experience with graphic design you can use Vector Graphics Software to make your infographics, like

Illustrator :

Here you can learn more about Illustrator and download a 30 days free trail


Inkscape :

Inkscape is a free source Vector Graphics Software and is similar to other  Vector Graphics Software



Finally here are some useful Tutorials to help get you started building infographics.

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