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Written by Nicolas Vargas
Twitter, like the other major social networks, offers special services for businesses wanting to take advantage of the powerful environment that this platform provides.  Giving businesses the opportunity to interact in real time with their customers and prospects, the aim of these services is to connect and engage business messages with real people.
Once you understand the main objectives of Twitter for businesses you can decide which of their services best suit your needs for integrating Twitter into your Digital Marketing efforts.
If you are wondering why you should consider Twitter as an Online Marketing tool consider that there are over 340 million tweets sent each day, and over 140 million active Twitter accounts. (Note that you don’t need to target this whole audience, you can target by Area or Platform.)

Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are useful to increase your number of followers. Promoted accounts are located in the Who to Follow section (identifies related accounts and followers) and are highlighted in Twitter Search.  Promoted Accounts appears to users who have related interests to your business and can be geo-targeted.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter Promoted Tweet
Promoted Tweets are useful to spread business messages within the Twitter community . They can be targeted by location, device and you can choose where to show them;
• Search: Appears when people search on Twitter.
• Timelines: Appears at the top of users timelines
• Followers: Your message in front your Followers
• Users similar to your followers: Appears on people with related interest for your brand
Using Promoted Tweets you pay by Cost-per-Engagement (CPE), which means you only pay for retweets, replies or clicks.

Promoted Trends

twitter Promoted Trend
Promoted Trends help you generate conversations around a topic of your choosing (for example a product launch), and can result in huge exposure. The promoted trends appear in the normal Trend section and you can identify them by the “Promoted” mark.
Promoted Trends are available for all the Twitter users, they can interact with the Promoted Trends in the same way that they do with other trend topics, and the interaction is available for the time they are being promoted.
Cost of a promoted trend was $120,000 per day 18 months ago, with no more recent figure.

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