The Google Addiction

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I suffer from a Google addiction. I know it is unnecessary. I know I don’t need it. In fact, I want to STOP using Google, but I can’t seem to. Even updating my Firefox so that now it contains  Yahoo Search box in the tool bar, doesn’t make me stop using Google.Even though I prefer Bing with their cheery home page and clean results, I can’t stop typing

I know I am not the only one. There is a Google addiction sweeping the world. According to some ‘research’ by Smarthouse (an Australian digital media publication), Bing is going ‘bung’ (nice alliteration there).

For those not up on this strange lingo, this means that Bing is crap, it isn’t doing what it purported to do (gain market share off Google) and people don’t want to use it.

What the ‘research’ didn’t clearly identify however, was WHY people prefer Google. People said they thought that Bing provided cleaner results. They also said they preferred the simplistic design.  But then they nearly all finished off by saying they were unlikely to change their Google habit.

It is quite worrying that we aren’t very open to alternative search engines. I mean, I know I personally don’t want to use Yahoo (except I really do think that Yahoo Mail trumps gmail), but Bing!? Bing is so good. I love it. So why don’t I use Bing instead of Google?

This addiction is not good for the world of technology. Firstly, this Google addiction means that new entrants into the market will be discouraged, limiting competition and, maybe eventually, development. Yes, Google does put a lot of $$’s into R&D, but lately that seems to be in a lot of avenues that aren’t search.

Which brings me to the second reason why this addiction is so damaging: Google is investing a lot into new products. Google Voice.  You Tube. Improving their advertising network. Google Maps.  Google is expanding across the internet, (and in some cases offline into radio, tv and phones), so that we could easily use 10 Google based products online every day. Couple this with our obvious Google addiction, and you have a situation whereby they futher and further entrench themselves into our everyday online lives, and we let them. In fact, we refuse to NOT let them.

In research done in the US by CS Monitor , one of the reasons users cited for their loyalty to Google search (despite preferring some aspects of Bing, or even saying Google and Bing were equally as good) was because they were already using lots of other Google apps, like Google docs and Gmail.

Come on Bing. Help us overcome our Google addiction. Help break up the monopoly. I am sure the newspaper conglomerates would love to help you…

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