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By February 12, 2009 Social Media No Comments

This article on the ABC reminded me of the funny little filtering trial the Government is trying to put into place (wasn’t it meant to go ahead in December?), because to be honest, with the fires, and the Economic Crisis, and my establishing my business and all, I had forgotten that this even existed…

Anyway, while the article is very short, only outlining that the big ISP providers are refusing to participate (that includes iiNet, Telstra and Optus – wait, how did Telstra get out of this?), there is around 20 times the content written below the article in the comments.

This week seems to be social media week for me – posts only about user generated content, images, discussion, etc. And like I said on Monday, while it might not be as ‘impartial’ as the news (note the ‘ ‘ marks around impartial – very important), there is an overwhelming amount of user generated content compared to actual news content.

The theme of the comments regarding the Government Filter is as follows:

1. The majority who care to comment on this story believe that the filters won’t work.

2. Those who DO believe the filters will help, accuse those who don’t want them of not caring for the children (which is an excellent result for Today Tonight and the Filters PR people)

3. Many people (including the police supposedly)  think the money could be better spent going towards a police taskforce to handle this, rather than a filter (agree).

4. A filter like this worked in New Zealand (? I am trying to confirm this now, it seems strange).

5. There is some debate on whether those ISPs are actually refusing to participate, or whether they are being excluded by Conroy because they have spoken out about how they are against it.

See how much more you get from reading the comments, than reading just the news story alone? I mean, of course you can’t rely on it 100%, but hopefully the lies on each side balance the other out.  And after all, it isn’t like we have been trusting the media over the last couple of years anyway.

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