Social Media in Australia – Statistics

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Comscore has released some interesting social media data, focussing on Australia.

The data shows that not only is social media huge (as we already suspected), but that it really does capture a significant amount of the publics attention, and is therefore a BIG opportunity for marketers, PR people, companies – really anyone that has anything to say or sell.

Comscore found that more than 70% of Australian internet users used a social networking site in June 2009 – almost 9 million people.

9 million people were on social networking sites, which included Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter and others. Thats a pretty big audience for a relatively small country. It is even better for companies that target internationally, because once you leave our shores, the numbers simply skyrocket, and that international audience can be targetted through social media campaigns you can create right from your own desk!

Surprisingly, the fastest growing group of users are the over 30’s, and unsurprisingly, the fastest growing membership is for Twitter. I was surprised that Twitter wasn’t already bigger than its small share (5%), but it is relatively very new compared to things like Bebo and MySpace, and catching up fast.

Of the 9 million Australian social media users, 6.1 million use Facebook.  Social networking is a medium whereby you are often engaged daily, or even multiple times daily. Compare this with other media, and you can see that social media is becoming pretty ‘main stream':

  • SMH newspaper readers (offline) – 0.8 million daily
  • SMH online – 12 million in June
  • Daily Tele readers (offline) – 1.1 million daily
  • Channel 7 news – 1.5 million daily

Comscores executive VP for the Asia Pacific had this to say:

“Knowing that the vast majority of a site’s visitors are social networking users should be a wakeup call to any marketer trying to understand its audience. Engaging your audience is not only about how you interact with them when they are on your site, but also about how you reach out and interact with them through other online channels, including social networks. As social networking sites increasingly become one of the Internet’s most popular destinations, it is especially critical for media companies to engage their audience where they are spending the majority of their time online.”

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