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Ever wondered why voice files can’t be sent instantaneously on social media – while image, text and video files can?


This is the kind of question that gets start-ups started, and was the beginning of uWhisp – a startup made up of four Spanish uni grads.


Once installed on your browser, the uWhisp widget appears and allows you to record a message which is saved as a local audio file, this can then be posted to whoever you like. The system works with any website that accepts typed text, because what it actually posts is a link. The link can be listened to instantly if you are also using uWhisp, or will take you to the uWhisp website if you’re not (You can listen to it there even without registering).


It is already fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, and the interface looks like this


The application also means you can easily send voice messages via email.


Premium users can also upload audio files they already have (as opposed to ones recorded as part of uWhisp) as well as being able to customise their own players.


For businesses and advertisers, uWhisp gives you statistics on uWhisp impressions, player reproductions, shares and geographical segmentation.


On their Twitter Feed the uWhisp team is sharing songs and old recordings, like Orson Welles’ famous Alien invasion and Madonna songs – I guess they are assuming no copyright on these kind of files, meaning what? I can more easily share any audio files I have bought or have access to on social media?


It has quite an intense pop up question, they’re not trying to sugar coat it! But with people being increasingly cautious with their privacy settings, it is likely to turn some people off..

uWhisp social media audio



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