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By September 4, 2009 SEO No Comments

Here comes some excellent PR for the SEO industry – Searchengineland reports on the case of SEO’s taking on the Google Cash Scam.

Google Cash is a scam, unaffiliated with Google but using their name, which is basically a get-rich-quick scheme, which of course benefits the founders, at the expense of the people who fall  for it.

SEO White Knights are attempting to reduce the damage done by the scam, by SEO-ing articles telling the truth about the scam to the top of the search results.

I LOVED reading about this – the SEO industry takes a lot of crap from people who don’t understand what we do, and who think we are spammers/scammers ourselves. This story shows the good behind SEO – that it can be used to positively affect the status quo – by burying dangerous stories, or promoting important ones.

SEO is democratic. It takes time and effort, but anyone can do it, or hire someone to do it. So if you feel strongly enough about something, you could join the cause to promote or destroy it. There is nothing unfair about SEO – if you think your site deserves to be higher, then do some work on it. If it is a good quality site, with some work it should be able to get really good rankings.

The SEO White Knights show how SEO can be used for public use – health awareness campaigns, scam alerts, anything the public needs to know can be promoted. PPC could also be used (although maybe not as effectively), and is currently being used by the Google Cash scammers (not sure why Google is allowing those ads?!).

SEO can be used not only to directly increase visitors, but also for proactive PR, defensive PR, branding and influencing people for the better. For example, imagine an SEO campaign which optimised the sites of local animal shelters for searches about buying pets? Or campaigns which optimised recycling or reusability organisations for searches about waste disposal or dumping?

Now this is what I call a feel-good Friday….

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