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Advanced Web Ranking 

We use Advanced Web Ranking to help manage and record the rankings of our clients, and to undertake competitor analysis for their industries.

We are using the desktop program and to enable it to monitor a large number of keywords (and international sites) we make use of the excellent proxy feature.  This speeds up the checking process and increases accuracy.  But to be honest, when we were just checking a low number of keywords we found the international accuracy to be quite good. As far as ranking software goes, this is the most comprehensive and reliable that we have tried. We started using the tool because of our disappointment in other web ranking software, and found it to be more accurate and robust. It keeps a record of all our clients ranking behaviour over time, plus those of whichever competitors we choose. AWR is actually a lot more than just a ranking tool – it also provides a range of SEO information which can be used for initial research, as well as ongoing monitoring. Because there is no limit to the number of websites or keywords you can track, you can use the software to monitor your own clients, their competitors, plus be able to use it for any future research, for example on new pitches. The tool provides a range of information that you might otherwise go to multiple tools for – on-page SEO issues, external link data, social media metrics and keyword research. It is also one of the few tools which can take information from your Google Analytics and Google Web analytics accounts.

Schedule Updates Easily

The number of features in AWR is great, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. We’re pretty sure you could use this tool for a long time and still not take advantage of everything it has to offer, so here we have listed our top 5 features, to make sure you don’t miss out on them. Top 5 Features of AWR 1. That all the reports can be easily customised and branded for your business. We have even created a secure log in area for our clients, so they can log in and see the performance of their sites, in responsive HTML reports 2. Unlimited keywords and websites can be tracked. 3. Track metrics over time. Being able to record numbers of links over time, so you can follow the progression of a sites link growth. Similarly you can record the changes to social metrics like shares and followers. 4.  Alerts – No one wants to be sitting glued to their reports all the time, or worrying their missing something. This is why it is great to set up alerts so you can see things such as visibility decreases, keywords falling out of page 1, etc. 5. The Proxy function – this is great to speed up the rank checking.  Using it allowed us to go from checking rankings once a week (it was always running in the background) to being updated daily. In addition to these features, we feel secure using AWR because their software has been around for years, they have accessible support (a real phone number and live chat on their site), plus they have a help forum where they actively address users issues. If you don’t want to go through the technical setup of a number of proxies, but still want regular ranking updates, you could instead choose to use the Online Web App.  This moves everything to the ‘cloud’ and has a number of benefits over the desktop version.

Advanced Link Manager

Caphyon has also created a separate tool called Advanced Link Manager, which helps to monitor the link profile of any site, not just your own. It can also be used as a link building tool, not only by showing you which sites linking to competitors aren’t already linking to you, but it even fetches the contact information for those sites so you’re all ready to reach out to them. Within ALM there is an email tool which helps manage your outreach, keeping tabs on which sites have been emailed and a record of those emails, so you can easily retrieve all related information for any potential linking site. This amazing feature means that you will never again forget to follow up, or lose contact, with a linking prospect. Each prospect can be given a status, such as “website plans to link back”, “link request hasn’t been sent yet”, etc. We particularly liked the ability to track our clients competitors to see what they are doing – this can help give insight into why a website is doing better than another. From an agency perspective, the ability to create custom reports for our clients is helpful.  There are a range of options so you can satisfy their data needs. It is not just about managing your links.  There is a helpful page crawler and webpage optimiser that gives advice on what you can do to optimise.  This is great for beginners but could also help ensure that experienced people don’t miss vital things. Top 5 features of ALM

1. Analyse domain quality

2. Multiple user accounts helps keep track of who is doing what

3. Able to send out emails from within the program

4. Personalised reports

5. Good for prospecting new sites

ALM has a lot of features, and there is a bit of a learning curve, but it is a giant step up from monitoring your link building in Excel spreadsheets, and losing your communications in colleagues inboxes.

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