SEO Myths – Spamming Up The Web Helps SEO

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It’s sad that so many myths surrounding SEO are related to the idea of webspam, it’s a misconception that SEO’s have to battle all the time. One of the reasons these myths persist is because Black Hat SEO’s still sell them. This is why we need to get more knowledge out about the difference between high quality SEO and spammy SEO.

If someone has given you any of the following advice to help with your SEO – be careful, it is the proverbial snake oil.


The key to SEO Success is having a million links


Has someone recommended you join their link network, saying links are the key to success in Google and that they will instantly provide you with thousands of links? Forget about it. Link networks are bad for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Google is on the hunt for them already, so even if it works now, it is unsustainable.


Also, think about it. If you join a link network, you are tied in to that link network – so that you have to keep paying forever, and if you leave that agency or provider, you will lose the value.


Finally – Google knows how many links you have, and if you turn on 10,000 links all of a sudden or even over a month or two – they will know that isn’t natural, and could investigate.


Google is devaluing spammy links, if not full on penalising them – so don’t risk your site.


The Meta Keywords tag is important for SEO

Here’s a reality check about which meta tags are important
Which Meta Tags Are Important for SEO?

Meta titles are important for SEO, meta descriptions are important for Click through (not really SEO) and the ‘keywords’ meta tag is not useful for anything!


Lots of Keywords!


I’m not sure if people still believe this, but hidden keywords or keyword stuffing are manipulative practices, and Google can see them. You don’t need to overload your pages with keywords, put them in hidden divs or hide them with text the same colour as the background. Your site could get penalised for these kind of actions and it adds little or no value.
Submission to over 100 Search Engines!

This isn’t really spam, but it is snake oil. If someone is telling you they are going to submit your site to 100’s of search engines, or even just say they will submit you to Google – stop listening right there. Search engine submission is unnecessary and definitely not something you should pay for. Search engines will find your site without you submitting it, you just need to start publishing. Sharing on social media and other sites should also help to speed up the time it takes for Google to find you.


Spammy practices are not actually good for SEO – and while you might say “Hey, but it works for my friend Bob”, your friend Bob should probably sell up while he’s ahead, because Google will catch up to him. In fact, if you are doing obviously spammy things, any of your competitors could report you to Google for spamminess, and Google could start an investigation. No one wants that.


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