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Today I have started using a new free rank checking tool for my search engine optimisation needs – the Rank Checker produced by SEO Book.

Previously I have always used inhouse built or paid rank checking tools, but now that we have set up on our own, I am trying to economise in as many ways as I can, so today it is by trying to see how well a free tool will suit our commercial needs.

First of all, the best thing about this tool is obviously that it is free. So lets just get that straight first off.

Next, it is super easy to install, as an add-on to Google Firefox. Simply download in two seconds, then restart Firefox. Then in your Firefox Tools menu, you will have the Rank Check option.

In there, I just first went in and changed all my options to Australia, I set the check timer to 3 seconds apart (to try and be on the safe side of getting blocked), and I made sure none of the results would be personalised.

Then, I opened up the tool.

Why its great is that it is pretty fast for a free tool, you get results almost instantly depending on the delay you have set it to.

While you can add multiple search terms at a time (v.v. useful), you can only seem to add one domain at a time (ok, but not ideal). You can also download the reports into CSV, which is almost an essential for any SEO practitioner.

You can save any of your reports and then go into the Tools- Rank Checker -Scheduled Tasks, and this means that you can run the report every day if you like.

Now, the results might not be 100% accurate, but then, with multiple data centres and changing algorithms, what tool can say it is truly accurate? I think the accuracy here is totally acceptable given it is free.

Meanwhile, I haven’t been using it for very long, so I could come up with some objections, but first impressions for this tool are very – impressive.

On a side note – while running this tool today, I felt the guilt creeping up on me due to that post I had previously written on the energy inefficiency of Google queries. SEO practitioners should be feeling very guilty about their automated rank checking which is probably the equivalent of boiling thousands of kettles! Reading that article is certainly making me think twice, and making me more conscious of what checks I do and don’t need to make.

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