Recycling Technology

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While this post is not really internet marketing related, I just had to post on it because it is something I am a big believer in. And while it isn’t SEO or PPC related, it is actually technology and marketing based, so maybe not so irrelevant.

I am talking about the Governments new proposed E-waste scheme, Reborn. I won’t follow my instincts and harp on about the very SEO-unfriendliness of the site, the  lack of internet marketing supporting it or the likeliness that they blew a big proportion of their marketing budget on a site that no one will ever see – because I am a big proponent of their cause.

Basically, Reborn is a Government initiative aimed at supporting the recycling of old technology. So as we get new digital tvs and computers, our old ones won’t just go on and add to landfill. While I love new technology as much as the next guy, there is always a portion of guilt – what do I do with my old one? Where will it end up? Will it EVER decompose? Could I use bits of it to build something new?

One part of this initiative is that the Government is proposing a $35 charge on new televisions which will go towards the recycling of old ones. Similar to carbon offsets for flights, it will help relieve the guilt of consumers, but unlike flight offsets, it would not be optional. This is good, because firstly, despite guilt, carbon offsets are not purchased all that often, and secondly, I am not sure if people are feeling the ‘new television’ guilt anyway.

So, if you support consumption ‘taxes’ to help minimise the effect consumerism and the rapid pace of technology has on the environment, log onto Reborn, and register your support (which means emailing Peter Garrett, sorry!).

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