Promote Your Facebook Status Update – $12


With Facebooks IPO results less than stellar, you can imagine that inside the company there will be serious discussions on how to generate more revenue from Facebook.


I was reminded of this today, as I finally got access to the new ‘promote’ feature. This feature allows you to promote any of your status updates, and they say that such promoted posts are seen by twice as many people and have 40% more likes.

Facebook Promote Status Update


How much for this service? For me, $12AUD. When it was first talked about, Facebook mentioned prices of around $2USD per promote (note the USD is around par with AUD) – and then their stock price fell, and this is the result we get!

Cost of Facebook Promote Posts


But for Aidan Moore, free! As a testing feature, some people will pay and some people will have it for free. Even so, on Aidan’s you can see that his ‘starting’ price wasn’t even as high as mine.


Facebook Promote for Free


Why would I pay $12 for this feature? Well, maybe if I had something personal to sell, an event to promote, a charity I was collecting for… I certainly won’t be paying $12 to promote my latest status update about my skinny jeans though.


Perhaps I could even be sneaky and share something from my business pages and promote that?


Meanwhile, Aidan is scrambling to come up with something worthwhile to say which he could promote for free.

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