Promote Your App with Adwords

By May 17, 2012 PPC No Comments


Google Adwords has been adding features left, right and centre – and at the end of April, they added another ‘ad extension’ option, this time to help you promote your apps.


Mobile app extension Adwords


The idea behind it is, that perhaps your customers, or potential customers, might not be aware that your business has an app. It also offers your business another way of differentiating itself from its competitors, because the extra link and information helps it stand out.


The choice will be to either click through to your website through the title (as per usual), or click directly through to the app on the ad extension. The app link will be to the app page on the app store (Google Play or Apple App store).


This new extension is just that – an extension. If you want to promote ONLY your app, and not your actual business or store, then you might prefer to use the Click to Download  ad type, which uses the app store URL in it’s display URL, prompting people to click to download your app.


To enable a mobile app extension, just add it like any other extension – note though that your app must be on sale in either the Google Play or Apple App stores.


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