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When I first joined Pinterest, I have to be honest – I only joined to investigate it for work. But it wasn’t long before the high school girl in me was seduced by the popularity she got from having her pins liked and repinned – it gave me a warm glow inside!


Pinterest has been around for a year or so – but many people have jumped on board only recently. Like most other social media – it is about providing things of value to your community, there is no use at all in just pinning boring photos of every product you sell. Make it unusual, make it beautiful, make it controversial, or make it gimmicky. You have to make the picture stand out somehow, otherwise it will get lost in the crowd. Just like boring Tweets.


Unlike other social media, which is often about building a profile about you or your brand, the specifics of your life and your company details in Pinterest come a far, far second to the curating you do on your boards. People really care only about the pictures – thus the ‘profile’ section of Pinterest is so short. Don’t try and overcome this by pinning stuff only from your site or blog, this is guaranteed to showcase you as a bad and boring curator, whose boards aren’t worth looking at.


Oh, and did I mention that currently attribution links are followed, and are valuable for SEO? Therefore, as an SEO advisor, I would recommend you come up with some intriguing visual content, post-haste!


Organise Your Boards


First up you’re going to want to organise your boards so that you aren’t pinning all your things in the one place. Basically, you can have boards as broad or as narrow as you like, as long as there is a theme (this is best practice, it isn’t a ‘rule’ of Pinterest).

E.g. your boards could be ‘Orange’ and have all orange things, or ‘Hats’, or ‘Food’ or ‘Dumplings’, etc. You get the idea.


This is important because people can follow you as a whole, or they can follow just the boards they are interested in of yours. By keeping your boards tightly themed, you are able to avoid ‘spamming’ people by offering them only the things they ‘signed up for’.




Make it Visually Appealing

So – the number one thing is to make sure all your pins are visually appealing. In some way. Sure, you might have underlying content which you want people to read, but Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, and your pins will be overlooked, if they don’t appeal visually.



Keywords Again?! Categorise and Describe Pins Appropriately

Just like with SEO, or when your putting a video on YouTube, or when you’re selling something on EBay – you need to categorise and label your things for the audience you are targeting. Make sure you are using the terms and labels that your audience will expect. Remember, you want to be where they are looking.


Appropriate Landing Pages

Just like with PPC, you want your ads to go to an appropriate landing page, lest you annoy your customers. If people are clicking on your pin, they are likely going to want to see that image in-situ. Don’t annoy them by sending them to your home page.



 – Pinterest is actually a lot like Twitter – you will want to follow the people who are pinning and re-pinning your content. You might also want to find people pinning things relevant to your industry, and follow them. You can search Pinterest using keywords and hashtags to find the appropriate people

– It is also like Twitter in that you can Repin (retweet) and mention people in your pins.

– Like Facebook you can like and comment on pins.

– You can also create open boards and assign people to be able to contribute to your boards, creating  ‘user generated content’.



What has proven popular for my personal account? Basically things which were either very unusual or things which people are passionate about.

For example..



Pinterest pictures


Via,, the design is by London landscape architecture firm Gustafson Porter, for the Venice Architectural Biennale.


Jiu Zhai Gou on PInterest


I took this photo myself, no it is not photoshopped, and 10 Mars Bars if you can guess where it is taken.




Marines on Pinterest


I’m sure you’ve seen this photo already – it went Viral last week, and was very popular on my Pinterest.



And, of course, the ubiquitous kitten photo has done surprisingly well today!

How to use Pinterest



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